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About The Trainer


What to Expect



I come to you and I work within your availability.  Typically, I train in your own home where you and your pup are most comfortable.

Initial Visit


The first visit is designed to get to know each other and develop an outline for a training program that is specific to your needs.  

Ongoing Support


Training a dog is not a cookie cutter approach and support and ongoing coaching is often necessary.  I assist in procuring appropriate training tools for you and loan out some equipment such as crates and long leads when needed.  I also maintain a reference list for vets, sitters and walkers if needed.

Dog Talk LLC treated my precious little Fluffy with all the care and attention you could ever ask for!

I have had a passion for dogs and their people for my entire life, and have finally made that passion a way of life.

I have had a very successful 40 year career in health care, first as a clinician and finally as an executive.  My work in healthcare provided me with a basis of understanding people and the need for compassion and coaching in life.  After all those years in corporate life, I decided to "semi-retire" to follow my dream and went back to school to become a professional dog trainer.  I attended the Animal Behavioral College (ABC) and spent about a year and a half learing about the complexity of training dogs and their owners.  I still commit a great deal of time as a volunteer at dog rescue organizations and working with my mentor to best hone my skills and knowledge required to be a valued coach to both people and pets.

I started my own business in 2012 with a focus on working with owners and their best friends in order to help them develop lifelong bonds through mutual respect and training. Extremely happy with the path I have chosen, I enjoy using my vast life experiences to help dogs and their owners learn how to live together with respect and love.

Sincerely,  Lynn Soderlund

The Primary Mission of Dog Talk

To train and support owners (with a focus on senior owners), their families and their pups, by helping them create a mutual bonds of love and respect while keeping dogs out of shelters and rescue sites.


Overall pricing for a training program (frequency, term, etc) is dependent upon the needs and expectations of the owner.

Packages and a 25% Senior Discount are offered